August 5th, 2016This Week's Khutbah

Importance of Salah

Really, if we look at the time, it has been according to the حديث of رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم.
He said
لا تقوم الساعة حتى
يتقارب الزمان فتكون السنة كالشهر ويكون الشهر كالجمعة وتكون الجمعة كاليوم ويكون اليوم كالساعة

He said in the end of the world, time will fly so quickly that a year will pass just as a month, a month will pass just as a week, and a week will pass just as a day, and a day will pass just as an hour.
If you take a look at the last month of Ramazan, it was the fastest month so far in my life. And every year it moves faster and faster. Last year I thought it was fast, but this year was faster than last year.
So let us understand that Allah is so merciful, He is reminding us that the world is coming to the end, and that we are going back to Him.
Also He gives us some chances like the month of Ramzan, season of hajj and Muharram. These are blessed periods Allah gave us for the most important purpose.

My respected brothers in Islam, sit and think and do مراقبة for 10-15 minutes. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where do I want to go?” “What is the purpose of my life?” and “What do I need to do?”
It is very important to sit alone and think. That wakes us up. If we do not think, we will not be able to wake up.
ابو الدرداء رضي الله عنه قال
For me to sit and ponder my weakness for an hour is better than engaging in عبادة for that half hour. Because this مراقبة is something that takes you to worship Allah correctly. So I need to ask myself everyday what the purpose of my life is.
Allah (swt) asks us:
أفحسبتم انما خلقناكم عبثا وانكم إلينا لا ترجعون.
Did you think that we had created you in vain?

Everyday مراقبة you think this أية , you ask the same question yourself, “Did Allah create me for nothing?” “Or just study some period then do some work or business, earn money, get married be happy and leave the world?”
No, my dear brothers, there is a very big purpose, which is earning a never ending life.
It is the real life, Allah says:
وان الدار الآخرة لهي الحيوان
لو كانوا يعلمون
Really, the home in the hereafter that is life indeed.

So is اخرة real life, you ask the second question yourself.
If I think about this short life,
if I make an effort to this decided life,
if I spend more time to this deceptive life,
how long do I need to think about the never ending life,
how much must I make an effort to the permanent life,
how many hours should I give time for the real life?

Definitely, the answer is clear. I must make an effort totally. I must spend my full time. I must try my best.
BUT Allah does't need all your time. Allah needs just five times per day.
So at least everyday five-time salah is واجب . Sometimes our laziness makes us weak in salah. Maybe we come late. Maybe we miss one or two. Sometimes we have a little bit of work or we need some sleep, and we say “salah can be prayed later.” It is like we say “oh salah, my work is greater please wait.”
No, sayالله اكبر Allah is great. Allah's commandment is great. Salah is great. Even if you are in the bed, even if you are at work or even if you are enjoying with your family, stop everything at the time of salah and quickly fulfill your salah. Of course, Allah knows you are busy in these five times but Allah wants you. You should keep the work and come. If not why Allah makes it واجب?
Allah says about صحابة
رجال لا تلهيهم تجارة ولا بيع عن ذكر الله وأقام الصلاة وإيتاء الزكاة يخافون يوما تتقلب فيه

There are some people no trade nor sale diverts from the ذكر of Allah, nor from performing salah, nor from giving the زكاة . They fear the day of judgment.
Even they are at work or business, they think the اخرة and fear what will happen to themselves?
My beloved brothers, we should think if we died this moment without performing the salah, what would happen to us?
So hurry up to the masjid at the right time.

Allah says
ان الصلاة كانت على المؤمنين كتابا موقوتًا

Really, the salah is required for believers at fixed time.

That's why sahabas (rl) attended the masjid with help of others, even they weren't well or they couldn’t walk.
Because they understood that they didn’t have any excuse in any condition to miss the salah.

lf you prayed once a week before ramazan and now you pray three or four times a day, it is a very big improvement. But you should try some more and complete 5 times. Beecause, as Muslims, we are obliged to perform salah five times a day.
خمسة صلوات في كل يوم وليلة
Not two, not three, five times.

If you want to enter a door, you need the key. Each key has the number of teeth. If I would like to enter the paradise I need to pray five times of salah on daily bases. That is the number of teeth in the key to the paradise.
If you miss one or two, what will happen? Take your key with one or two broken and put it in. It won't open. Missing even just one tooth, it won't open.

Today we see some youngsters are lifting weights.
The most powerful person is not the one who can lift 120kg with one hand or even a little finger; the most powerful person is the one who can lift his blanket up for صلاة الفجر والتهجد
اثقل صلاة على المنافقين صلاة العشاء وصلاة الفجر

The Most difficult Salah for منافقون صلاة العشاء والفجر.

May Allah protect us!

There are so many benefits for fajr.
In a beautiful حديث
من صلى العشاء في جماعة فكأنما قام نصف الليل ومن صلى الفجر في جماعة فكأنما قام الليل كله
One who prays عشاء with جماعة gets the reward as he worships a half night, one who prays فجر with جماعة he gets the worship of whole night.

You pray and teach this حديث to your children. Take them to the masjid. Give them a training for five-time salah when they reach seven years old. Don't think that they are small, they will pray after growing up, and let him sleep for now. No, think he wants to sleep in قبر happily. If they sleep here without salah they cannot sleep in قبر happily.
So teach them salah make Dua for them. How Allah teaches us Dua of ابراهيم عليه السلام
رب اجعلني مقيم الصلاة ومن ذريتي ربنا وتقبل دعاء
Oh my lord make me one who performs prayer salah and also my children.

If you and every elder in your house wake up for fajr, your children would automatically wake up.
Keep a strong intention. Allah will help you.

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم
من ترك صلاة حتى مضى وقتها ثم قضى عذب فى النار حقبا » والحقب ثمانون سنة كل سنة ثلاثمائة وستون يوما كل يوم الف سنة مما تعدون .
Whoever missed a fard salah intentionally until the fixed has passed and prayed it later on, Allah will punish him in the hell fire in the period of حقب.

So, my dear brothers, Allah punishes him even he prays after the fixed time. What about those who pray only in Ramzan, those who pray only on Fridays, those who never pray?
A Muslim does not pray 5 times salah? How can be that?
Whoever wants to pray salah, Allah will show them a way.
ومن يتق الله يجعل له مخرجا
For those who is conscious of Allah, who fears Allah and who keeps his duty to Allah, He will make a way for him to get out.

Don't forget the purpose of your life. Remember it. Do محاسبة everyday
الكيس من دان نفسه وعمل لما بعد الموت

The most intelligent one is who remind himself his purpose of life and does good deeds for the never ending life.
May Allah make us intelligent people.

Khutbah by Imam Safwan Rizvi.

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