January 1st, 2016This Week's Khutbah

Al-Quran in Our Lives


Topic : Al-Quran in our lives

Islam consists of 3 parts.

Rukn Islam : 5 pillars of Islam, cover all outer aspects of our life from physical actions.

Rukn Iman : 6 pillars of Iman, cover all inner aspects from believe, faith and our mindset.

Ihsan : That you should serve Allah as though you could see Him, for though you cannot see Him yet He sees you.


Functions of the Holy Quran in our life

1: As a guidance to the right path. ( Surah Al-Baqarah,2:2~5)

2: Source of knowledge. ( Surah Al-Anbiya,21:30 & 33 ; Surah Al-Mu'minun,23:12~14)

3: To know Allah better. ( Surah Fatir,35:15 ; Surah Luqman,31:27 ; Surah Al-Kahf,18:109)

4:To act as a History books to take benefits from. (Surah Ali Imran,3:137~138)


Benefits of reading Al-Quran

1: Avoid torment in Qubur if always read surah Al-Mulk (chapter 67) before sleep.

2:Allah will enlighten the person in between of 2 jumaat, whoever reads surah Al-Kahf (chapter 18) in the day of Friday.

3: For protection in the Last day.

4: Will be rewarded by Allah.

Naratted by ibn Mas’ud: the messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: whoever read one huruf (character) from Allah’s book will get 1 reward and each reward will be multiply by 10. I don’t said that alif lam mim is one huruf, but alif is one huruf, lam is one huruf, mim is one huruf.

This hadith is Hasan Sahih by Tarmizi

5: Refuge from Syaitan.

When you recite Al-Quran, seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the expelled” -Surah An-Nahl,16:98)

6: Will be greatly rewarded by Allah when recite the Holy Quran in Solat (prayer).

Narrated by Abi Hurayrah ra: the messenger of Allah (pbuh) asked: Aren’t one of you happy when you go back to your home and find 3 pregnant camels that are big and fat? We said : yes. Then the prophet said: then 3 verse read by one of you in his prayer is better than 3 pregnant camels that are big and fat.


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