July 22nd, 2016This Week's Khutbah

Qualities Allah Loves

We should thank Allah that He gave us this beautiful Friday.
الحمد لله

It’s important to know on this great day how we can earn love of Allah (swt). Because without Allah’s love, we cannot be happy and successful in this world also hereafter.

So it is important to earn the love of Allah (swt). How can we earn the love of Allah? What are the qualities we need to earn the love of Allah.

Throughout this khutbah, I am going to remind you all with some verses from al-Quran about the qualities and people whom Allah (swt) loves.

There are so many verses in Quran Allah speaks about the qualities He loves.
And in some verses there are qualities Allah (swt) doesn’t like.

I think, my dear brothers, if we go through these verses, insha allah, with the will of Allah, we can understand if we are gettıng close to Allah or going far away from Allah.

You can see in sura Baqara verse number 222.

Allah (swt) speaks about two qualities that He loves.
Allah says:
ان الله يحب التوابين ويحب المتطهرين

Indeed Allah loves those who always repent to Allah.
التاءب who makes tawba once
التواب who makes tawba always.

So if you want to earn the love of Allah, you need to seek forgiveness of Allah (swt) many times every single day. اني لاستغفر الله كل يوم ماءة مرة
Really I seek forgivness of Allah 100 times every single day.
Who did? The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who is the one Allah already forgave. What about us?
Allah says in قتح:
ليغفر لك الله ما تقدم من ذنبك
May Allah forgive you your sins of the past and future.

If he did 100 times a day, how times should we do?
May Allah (swt) help us to achieve this quality.

Then Allah (swt) mentions
ويحب المتطهرين
those who love to be clean.

In their business, dealings, relationships, people who like everything clean.
May Allah swt help us.

Also they like to have wudu all the time.
And allah says in سورة ال عمران
والله يحب المحسنين.

Allah (swt) loves those who do good, those who are kind.

Think yourself, “Am I a kind person?”
If not, you can improve because you have just learned the love of Allah (swt).

When you do good to others and when you reach out to people, Allah (swt) will reach you out.
ال عمران

والله يحب الصابرين

Allah loves those who bear patience.
There are so many things happen in your life that are difficult and challenging.

We should bear patience. we should tell ourselves.
I will surrender to Allah. I will bear patience. I need to earn the love of Allah (swt).

He is the controller. He controls everything. When I surrender to Allah, I earn His love. He is in charge of everything.
This is the صبر جميل
Beautyful patience.

When your loved one passes away, your loved one is sick, you have a calamity, you have an accident, or you have a disaster, just bear patience.

Allah swt says I love those who surrender to me, those who bear patience over what I have chosen.

Then Allah speaks once again about cleanliness.

سورة التوبة
والله يحب المطهرين
Allah loves those who like to be cleaner.

This اية regarding the people of Quba. The Muslims in Quba clean themselves with water after using the toilet.

So Allah (swt) likes that. When water is available, we should use water, which is part of the cleanliness.
قال النبي صل الله
الطهور شطر الايمان
The purity is part of ايمان.
Take your time and be a clean person in every possible way.

Then Allah mentions in
سورة الماءدة
والله يحب المقسطين
Allah swt loves those who stand firm for justice.

Whether it is against you, your family member or relatives, or your friends, you should stand firm for justice.
The highest level of justice one can reach is when something opposes him happens.
For example, in an accident, the wrong is on your side. Then you tell I am the wrong one and the other is the right one.
This is very difficult but this is justice
سورة ال عمران
فان الله يحب المتقين

Allah loves who are always conscious of Allah. (Taqwa)
If I were conscious of Allah, I would not be able to do anything that anger Allah. I only do something that pleases Allah.
For example, you work in an office. If there are mistakes, your boss will get angry. So you worry about what he thinks of you whether or not I do wrong?

One of the reasons we fast in the month of Ramadan is to become more conscious of Allah.
Ramadan is a beautiful month. Allah multiplies rewards of our good deeds for us to feel closer to Allah.
Similarly, abstaining from food and drink etc during Ramadan will make you more conscious of Allah.
لعلكم تتقون.
May Allah grant us piety.
سورة ال عمران
والله يحب المتوكلين

Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.
Allah gave us capacity to do things.
We say in the name of Allah and we can try, then we have to leave it in the hands of Allah because we know that Allah swt is the one who controls everything. So we have to trust Him.

For example, I lock my door or I lock my car with an alarm on. At the end of the day, if something happens it’s Allah’s will.

May Allah swt help us to trust Him correctly. It means “Do not insult Allah (swt).”

A person wants a job, and he says “I trust Allah.” But he sleeps all day, he doesn’t go out, or he doesn’t make an effort. Still he says “I trust Allah.”
That is not Tawaql (trust).

There is a difference between tawaql and tawaaql.

توكل is “You trust Allah after you try your best.”

تواكل is “You trust Allah without using the capability which Allah gave you.”

وابتغوا ما كتب الله لكم

Seek what Allah wrote for you.
Remember, if you want the love of Allah, do what Allah has given you and trust Him.

ان الله يحب الذين يقاتلون صفا كانهم بنيان مرصوص

Allah loves those who are brave when they go to defend their din.
We Muslims should be brave people.
We Muslims should not run away from problems.

قل ان كنتم تحبون الله فاتبعوني يحببكم الله ويغفر لكم

Khutbah by Imam Safwan Rizvi.

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