February 29th, 2016

Masjid Day with Sh. Ibrahim Ma

Alhamdulillah by the mercy of Allah SWT, total of 7 new muslim  brothers and sisters have embraced Islam during Masjid Day program.

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Thank you very much to Sh. Ibrahim Ma for sharing the knowledge, guidance, information and cooperation.Your lecture has been a great lesson for us, inshaAllah we will make full use of it in our da'wah activity. We also would like to say our gratitude to any person that has involved in Masjid Day program directly or indirectly.


We are looking forward to have Sh. Ibrahim Ma visit again to our mosque for more da'wah activities in the future.

As-Salaam Foundation welcome anybody who wants to know about Islam, who has interests in Islam. We are willing to teach the basics of Islam. Please feel free to visit masjid, learn Islamic culture, and having question answer session about Islam.





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