April 9th, 2024


As Salaam Alaykum Wr Wbr. Alhamdulillah. By the grace and blessings of the Almighty Allah In Shaa Allah, TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY, 10th April) will be the Eid-ul-Fithr. May Allah (SWT) accept our fasting, forgive all our sins, and bless us with ample rewards. Aameen.

In Shaa Allah Eid Prayer times will be given below
1st Prayer - 6.30AM
2nd prayer - 7.30AM
3rd Prayer - 8.30AM

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Prayer Schedule


June 13, 2024 (Thu)

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Fajr 03:45
Zuhr 12:30
Asr 04:30
Maghrib Right after azan
Isha 20:45

Friday Prayer

1st 12:00~12:25
2nd 12:35~13:00
3rd 13:10~13:35